About Klouds

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Welcome to my big fat diary (That’s an awesome tv show BTW). Well sort of. The names Klaudia. 90’s baby. Been through a lot of shit. Recently I’ve been doing much better. And I mean A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It’s the drugs. And friends and family. People grow a lot and with change it either all goes good or all goes to hell. Started off as hell for me. Either way, back to the main point of this. I have decided to start this blog as a means to organize my thoughts. Just a warning, they tend to be repetitive and compulsive. Also, if you’re a grammar freak, feel free to help edit as I often miss mistakes and well, I don’t have time nor do I really care. But really, I do. I hope this blog can start conversations and ease minds. I’ll post when I can, whether that be once a week or once a month. Maybe if you’re lucky and exciting stuff happens; you’ll get more entries. Obviously, I’ll be changing names and never speaking about work. That I’ll have to annoy my friends about. Venting is a stress reliever. And we all want to hear other people’s opinions. Or at least I do.

So about me. I was born in a small village close to the city, in Poland. Tarnow, Wola Radlowska, Radlow, whatever you prefer. Those are my roots. Damn proud of them. Not so much of the people or country there anymore. Times have changed. Came to Chicago when I was 1ish. Now I’m 26. It’s 2019 just in case if you read this years down the road. I have anxiety, depression, I’m an overthinker, single AF, binge eater, I have body dysmorphia, polycystic ovary syndrome, 28 screws in my back, oh and I got my ass done.

Yes, you read that right. 26 has been good so far. And why the fuck not start a memoir, or whatever this will be. Not sure yet. Open to suggestions and questions. Open to meeting new people and trying new shit. I’m random and shy, clumsy and a dork, I flirt a lot and think about sex often, I’m spontaneous and crazy all in one. My friends will tell you that this past year I have changed. And I couldn’t agree more.

Happy Reading!

P.s. I know that’s not really an about me, but oh well. You’ll get to know me eventually. If you want to. Ball’s in your court.