Klaudia Squared

Youtube it. That is all. Just kidding. Before I blogged, I attempted to vlog. Boy, were those good times. High School was fun. I would go even as far as say some of the best years of my life. What I remember of, at least.

So, Klaudia Squared was an attempt at vlogs and skits with a good friend. If you didn’t already guess, she has the same name as me. Lol. Ahh good times. We wanted to become famous. Even recorded a theme song. It was lame. Yet, it always puts a smile on my face.

  It was the best of friendships. But we grew together and then apart. And then together and apart again. And a third attempt is being made. Why? ‘Cause life is short to hold onto the bad stuff.

  It was my fault. I pushed her away. I used any and every excuse I could. Why? I don’t know. At the time, I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t in the right head space. I found every little thing annoying or unaccepting. No one’s opinion counted other than my own. I was not open. I was closed off and that ended our friendship.

  It hurt so much. I wanted her in my life. So many years and memories together. Lola said to give it time. You can’t force it. If it’s meant to be, it will. 3 years had passed, maybe 4. I think. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. So, has she. I am so proud of her and the things she has accomplished. Even during that time apart, I would have done anything for her. At times, when something happened to me, I wanted to reach out and tell her or get her opinion.

  Life is strange, isn’t it? The way things work out. Got to have faith. I have friends from elementary school, high school, college and life. These connections stay. And if they don’t, just know you have made some kind of impact on my life. A small gesture. A hug, a conversation. You will be remembered. Especially… if you had a dog. 😉

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