I’ve got money on my mind.

Not only is it a catchy song lyric but it’s true. Money is hard to come by. We work hard only to make little to nothing. I would like to live without worry. Without having to stop and think what I can and can’t buy. Why have the times changed? Why is rent up and yet income is not? Are we as people that selfish that we cannot give more? Or is there really no money out there? Why is it that doctors are paid less then celebrities? Why do we give into one industry over the other?

We are limited. How does the world expect to have more, when it gives less? The rich get richer and the poor, poorer. If that even is a word. I wish we lived in times that money didn’t make things keep going. But then again… I can’t imagine a world without hierarchy. Would there be chaos? I guess money is important. Very. It runs everything. No way around it.

Have you heard that money doesn’t buy everything? Well, it doesn’t but it does control us. Our happiness. Our love. Our ability to start a family or to travel or become successful. When someone says that they would do something for free or pro bono, that’s rare. Why? ‘Cause only rich people can do that or people selfless that would do anything for certain people, even if that means increasing their debt. Would I call myself greedy? Sometimes. I think we all are guilty of that. We try but some circumstances are out of hands. Don’t get me started on the whole tipping industry. Ughh. I wish that we could stop that and give people normal income. Not dependent on tips. Who even started that? I also hate the whole – don’t go out to eat or get your hair done, or whatever that requires a tip, if you can’t tip. I understand both sides of the argument, it just pains me that it even exists.

I have never thought about money before having to work. It was always Mom & Dad. Now that I work, I see the struggle and sometimes the hurt when they can’t help. I wish it was different. All we can do is hope and work ourselves to exhaustion. Spend that money without hesitation and enjoy it. I try to. To a limit. I can’t just let it sit there. Without a purpose. Just don’t go overboard. Set boundaries. Because you know what? – Are you going to take that money with you to the grave? Or will you live your best life? 

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